Taking the day. Kind of special complimentary close.
you: see you. have a nice day!

i: thanks, you too! take the day!
by berliner December 18, 2013
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(Verb)to post long, seemingly nonsenical rants on a message board because your ADD is acting up. Often annoys other posters and the offender is usually clueless.
See also tard
"Hey ((everyone)) i am all for joking and cutting with one another, however to me some folks have gone too far. In the last few days someone posted a picture of a fellow chatter here, then yesterday another person posted what was supposely three phone number, also yesterday i find out someone gave three one of my email addys. Folks this is just plain wrong!
In fact yesterday the moment i saw the posting of that phone number i reported it. So call me a tattle tale if you want. Its a known fact that three and i do not always agree however the point is three nor anyone else deserve to have their phone number. Picture or email addy given out without their permission.
I also want to say i am sorry to you again nancy for thinking that you may have given out my email addy.
Last but not least , yes its likely some of you will make fun of how i have worded this posting. Feel free to do so. I quit responding several weeks ago to those who choose to attack or mock me. I would rather chat with my friends here.
Have a great day everyone "
(((Take It Day By Day)))
by Vicarious September 21, 2006
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Don't dwell on the past, and don't stress over the future. Instead, learn from your past mistakes, and prepare for the future. You don't need to have every single detail of your life worked out. Do what you can based on what you know, and accept the inevitability of unexpected and unknown events. Have an open mind and be ready to, if possible, adapt to these events as they happen.
"How do you keep your sanity as a police officer, knowing that, one day, you could be killed in the line of duty?"
"You just have to take life day by day."
by Seeker of All Truth April 26, 2014
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Faking sick so you can stay at home for a day-long solo love-making session.
I'm taking a sick day to re-kindle my lost love with my left hand.
by ?Måt¿ May 12, 2005
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When you call in sick to work but you're feeling fine. Similar in nature to not servicing your sovereign debt when you have billions in currency reserves.
I dunno man he sounded ok on the phone, I think he's taking an ecuador day.
by zerobid December 18, 2008
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On december 1 you must be taking a shit every hour after you fart... you must also text your friends when your on the toilet
Fred "Hey man you should take a shit in 15 mins"
Bob "Why?"
Fred "Because man its National take a shit day"
by Your native tree cutter October 22, 2020
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November 6th is National take naked pictures day take some naked pictures share them or just save them in your phone whatever you feel like
Person 1: Wow my titties look great I’m gonna post them on my close friends for national take naked pictures day
by Fsctual334 November 6, 2022
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