ADJ. derived from Harvey Dent (a.k.a. Two-Face, the fictional comic book supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics); an adjective describing the category of people, usually females, who range only from two extremes-- extremely attractive one day, but completely fucking ugly on other days.
"Lady Gaga and Fergie are so goddamn dent!"

"Yeah, fuck that shit dude."
by Ultraman Tiga June 25, 2009
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A crappy car, usually a first car. Mine was a '79 Dodge Aspen. See also beater.
"Nice dent. Close out sale at the demo derby?"
by Crawlover July 3, 2004
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To post a message using the website To dent is to microblog and is analogous to tweet on the competing microblogging site Twitter. Like tweet, "dent" can be used as a noun to describe a microblog message itself.
Of course I quit that job. Didn't you read my dent?

I'm completely addicted to microbogging. I barely go pee without denting about it.
by Benjamin Mako Hill August 28, 2008
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To send a message using the micro-blogging tool
"I just dented you the link."

"Did you see @evan's last dent about the new feature?"
by Marina Martin August 3, 2008
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this word could be used more often than dunt which means the same as "tooth". So dent means the "tooth". In plural form there could be used "dents" meaning the "teeth"
set / clench your dents, please
by Andrius M. March 13, 2008
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1. A horrible driver, mainly located in massachusetts.

2. people from oxford, massachusetts. it was an acciDENT for them to be born.

3. any person who is overweight, annoying, or being a dumbass
While driving down the road one day, i was cut off by a dent and managed to get into a car accident. i then proceeded to sue that fat DENT and won millions of dollars.
by that person from here May 9, 2006
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