edible; acceptable; having a pleasant taste
the dish offered by the waiter was somewhat palatable
by ZuiCide May 17, 2014
A step above drunk. Generally when you are palatic you don't fall asleep or sit in the corner with your head in your hands - you get your top off and make an absolute fool of yourself.
"Well any craic last night?"
"Dunno, I was absolutey palatic"
by North Monaghan February 6, 2010
irish way to say : drunk , loaded, shitfaced whatever
Are you palatic?

Hell yea
by palater July 27, 2007
words that people used to define their annoying feelings to their friends
please dont do that stupid thing . u look very palat
by uitmsriiskandar August 22, 2017
A word that is heard by non-English speakers by people who do speak English.
by @sauce_g0dsV2 June 5, 2019
Please don't be palat.
by kelabmakanirsyad December 14, 2017
To find and use an image or video to "unsee" something (or certain media) that was highly disturbing.

"Palate" can also refer to the eyes in which looking at something is like "tasting".
Man, that repulsive image triggered me so much that I had to use a Palate Cleanser to get over that.

Girl: When you say "Palate Cleanser" when you refer to watching something, you mean, the eyes?

Friend: Yes.
by Falcongrl89 March 12, 2021