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Hold My Dick. Used when the environment is not ideal for this type of language.
Guy1: wah wah wah nag nag nag

guy 2: BRO! HMD!
by wbernard731 March 02, 2010
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Hold my d*ck. I have no idea why this phrase is used or why you would need to bring this up in a sentance, but that's what it means. Hold my d*ck.
I'll be right back. HMD!

(I literally had no other sentance to come up with for this phrase.)
by Liv Defines July 11, 2016
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"He goes for the Hail Mary.....he throws.....the catch! OH SHIT TOUCHDOWN!! HMD!!!!!!!"
by Octizzle January 09, 2012
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acronym for Hold My Dick. Used to express great achievement(s).
Beating someone in Guitar Hero by one point. HMD

Comparing Girlfriend's bra sizes.

Dirk Nowitzki v LBJ. Dirk to LBJ-"HMD"
by DiLo n Chris June 12, 2011
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