The day when your mother can use guilt against you to do whatever she wants.
I've been having a great mother's day now do your chores.
by Krakensince1995 May 10, 2009
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Mother's Day (MUH-thurz day)n. the first day in a new month when welfare, moreover disability or social security checks, are received by mail or direct deposit
>at the trailor park<
Sue: "Thank christ it's the first of the month."
Maryann: "Why is that?"
Sue: "It's Mother's Day and I can buy some stuff."
Maryann: "Don't you think you should pay rent and utilities first?"
Sue: "Fuck off Maryann."
by Nedd Ludd October 3, 2005
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Mother's day is a day where everyone should say thank you to their moms. give gifts to their moms because of what the mother does on a daily basis. Cleans/buys groceries/pays the bills/buys you close/gives you a roof over your head/ext.
Happy mother's day mom I bought/made you some gifts.
by Arixandy October 17, 2019
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A holiday in which mothers can prance around the house and get whatever they want and still treat you like shit.
Thanks hallmark for inventing Mother's Day so that you can make money off of our guilt!
by MatthewsLuke May 8, 2016
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Mother's Day is a special day that takes place on May 9th/10th each year. This day is a day where we show our love and how much we appreciate our mothers. Our mother's do so much for us, you couldn't imagine. They raised us since we were just young, and now its our time to give back MORE.

Why more? Well, you should be respecting you mother's every single day and appreciating them as well. Mother's day is not supposed to be the only day you give back to you mother but its a day where you respect her MORE, appreciate her MORE, and give back MORE. You could simply give a gift and say "I love you" or you could do beyond the imaginable and take her some place. Whether it's for dinner, the mall, and fun fair. Whatever it is, just make sure it is meaningful.

Mother's day is a national holiday to honor our mothers for what they do for us. When we were young, they fed us, they took care of us, they taught us, and so much more. If you think about it, our mothers actually do so much for us and most people feel regret after doing something wrong to there mothers. Whether its disrespecting them to doing something worse. They still feel bad because our mothers don't deserve that, right? Even if they did something super harsh to you, you can get mad but don't disrespect them or be unappreciative.

They do so much for us and they suffered for us so it's time to give back. Even if we give back every day, it's not equal to how much our mother's did for us. Remember, give back.. MORE.
You: "It's Mother's Day!"
Friend: "Let's give back, more."
by ItsMeDiana January 19, 2021
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A horrific day in the lives of single moms everywhere. A day that symbolizes their broken dreams of a loving husband, lover, friend. A day tramatizes even the most resilient mother, it's as dismal as a datelessValentines Day. It blindsides the mom by confirming that no one really cares about what they do with exception of their other female friends. Children who should be pawns used by their former husbands/lovers to prove their dedication, now flounder without guidance. In a best case scenario, a mom with young children can land a homemade gift; with older kids they can hope to get some yard work at of them without monstrous amount of lip. It's a day all moms know that no one in their house wants to celebrate. Then beyond the concept of men, it is a day that if the mother doesn't force their sons to do anything, they will definitely ruin them for the next generation of women.

A day that men can easily allude that they are (or would be) a great husband/father by pointing out the short comings of other men. Interestingly, this seems to coincide with the man failing to produce the same proclaimed formula for happiness in their own relationships.

A day any halfway decent mom will be missed if they have passed, and their children will finally wish they could celebrate it with them.
Jane: "So what did the kids suprise you with for Mother's Day?"

Mom: "You are kidding right? I made them breakfast while they whined about the idea of helping around outside".

"Are you kidding me? Do we really have too"
by Lostnotfound May 9, 2016
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a day in May when you MUST give a gift to YOUR mother and EVERY mother in your family......if not theyll treat you like shit and call you selfish,no matter how much you REALLY love them.......

a day when people show how materialistic they really are,a day when people get mad at you over a damned gift
i got paid $300 dollars at work and couldve bought a jersey and some shoes....but i ended up buying socks,earrings,cologne and a whole mess of other shit that my people wont use anyways......darned mother's day

if you dont they will be mad at you....regardless of how much you love and think about them
by tha truth teller May 10, 2006
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