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Held on the second Sunday in May, it is a day that reminds us of God's love for us, which is partially demonstrated through our fallible, selfless mums—their love for us doesn't depend on how good or bad we have been towards them.
Just as God doesn't love us less because we've sinned against Him, nor does He love us more because we did something good, so on this Mother's Day, let's too remember all our earthly mothers' unconditional love towards their children.
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by MathPlus May 13, 2017
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a day in May when you MUST give a gift to YOUR mother and EVERY mother in your family......if not theyll treat you like shit and call you selfish,no matter how much you REALLY love them.......

a day when people show how materialistic they really are,a day when people get mad at you over a damned gift
i got paid $300 dollars at work and couldve bought a jersey and some shoes....but i ended up buying socks,earrings,cologne and a whole mess of other shit that my people wont use anyways......darned mother's day

if you dont they will be mad at you....regardless of how much you love and think about them
by tha truth teller May 09, 2006
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1). A day in which women who somehow managed to punch out a couple of kids feel entitled to flowers, cards, candy, balloons, bears and other meaningless gifts.

2.) Yet another "holiday" Hallmark, FTD and See's Candy conspired to invent in order to sell products in what would be a month otherwise void of an actual gift giving holiday (see: Christmas and December ).

3). A day in which the women in your family *say* they only wish you to acknowledge with your love and perhaps doing the dishes when they actually want their children, husbands or boyfriends to give them flowers, candles, dinners etc...
Girl: What's you get your mom for Mother's Day?

Guy: A hug.

Girl: ouch...what's she have to say about that?

Guy: not so much...
by urbanr0cker May 12, 2008
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The day when your mother can use guilt against you to do whatever she wants.
I've been having a great mother's day now do your chores.
by Krakensince1995 May 10, 2009
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In California state issued welfare checks are issued monthly every 1st and the 15th, known to many in ghetto communities as "mothers day"
"Aaaw shit, look at these long assed baby cryin, loud ass ghetto folks up in this supermart... you should never do your shopping on mothers day.
by jord January 28, 2004
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Today (May 8th) is Mother's Day. You're supposed to treat your mommy special today. Like drawing a picture of her in crayon on your bedroom walls.
My Mommy says I'm special... I like to make it up to her on Mother's day.
by Momma's Boy May 08, 2005
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Mother's Day (MUH-thurz day)n. the first day in a new month when welfare, moreover disability or social security checks, are received by mail or direct deposit
>at the trailor park<
Sue: "Thank christ it's the first of the month."
Maryann: "Why is that?"
Sue: "It's Mother's Day and I can buy some stuff."
Maryann: "Don't you think you should pay rent and utilities first?"
Sue: "Fuck off Maryann."
by Nedd Ludd October 03, 2005
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