10 definitions by Todd Everboat

Aviator glasses like those worn by Walter Sobhak in "The Big Lewbowski."
"get me my sunglasses."
"which ones?"
"The fuckin Sobchaks, whatelse?"
by Todd Everboat October 19, 2006
What kind of beer you want?
Lets get some Hammond Coronas.
by Todd Everboat November 2, 2006
To ask for something that someone else is already going to get for themselves. Originated from the movie "Point Break" when Gary Busey Character asks Keanu Reeves for two sandwhiches at a stand calling out "Utah".
"I'm Gonna Go Get A Beer."
by Todd Everboat October 19, 2006
Great Cheap beer found in the midwest, specifically Chicago.
by Todd Everboat November 2, 2006
License plate number on the notorious Bluesmobile from the Great Movie THE BLUES BROTHERS.
BDR529 is the most badass plate number you can have.
by Todd Everboat August 23, 2007
Another meaning for a mans testicles, balls, nuts, plum bags, family jewels, minerals,
"I called the woman a bitch and she kicked me in the gary numans."
by Todd Everboat August 18, 2007
Used in the Chicagoland region. Spaghetti or pasta
What you havin for dinner?
Spagootch of course!
by Todd Everboat October 27, 2008