The act of giving your partner sloppy head (sucking duck). This is the sound one so mouth will make when giving head with a generous amount of saliva and slurping.
The word “guak” is derived from guacamole , the word used to signify that you want head without others knowing.
I gave my boyfriend that 1, 2 Guak Guak combo.

Girlfriend: do you want guacamole on the way home today?
Boyfriend: yea we can get some before we go to the store.
by Jrue Holiday September 23, 2019
a guy who talks to many girls in a flirtatious mannor at once.
Person 1: that guy is such a fucking guake. stop talking to him please or you will get preggers...and die

Person 2: no he isnt! he loves me and i love him too

three years later....person one is pregnant with his baby along with two other girls
by jesslovesmomo September 26, 2010
Guak: adjective. Can be used in place of many other adjectives. Depending on the context of the sentence it has several different meanings, but it is almost always a negative connotation. It can describe a person, place, thing, concept, idea, belief, etc. It is usually used in place of: wack, silly, ugly, dumb, uninteresting, stupid.
1. "He is so guak."
This could be implying many things: He is wack, unattractive, doing too much, has a bunk personally, boring, etc.

2. "That purse is so guak."
Stating that the purse is ugly in some kind of fashion.

3. "You are so guak" (When referring to a friend)
Usually to replace stupid or silly, like when your friend cracks a joke, or something of the sort.
by Michelle Denise Kramer February 27, 2008
money or cash; just another way of saying "paper"
Counting my guak, all in a days work
by Mandygirl October 28, 2005
The slang meaning for a loud; or audible blowjob
If you don’t get this you need to get off of urban dictionary now.
Jessica wants to give me the guak guak 2000 tonight
by December 2, 2021
To suck the soul out of a man while giving head .
I gave him the Guak Guak 3000 last night!
by 8Peanut7 December 7, 2022
guak is an acronym for " give us another kiss "
I was lying in my bed attempting to go to sleep. Outside in the street I heard a young couple talking. I heard the guy say " guak "
by St. Ias October 30, 2005