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These letters are an acronym for Search Me
Until the IRA declared a ceasefire SM was said by thousands of people travelling from Belfast City Airport, Belfast International Airport, the ferries sailing from Larne or Belfast and all the people entering Belfast city centre through the security gates .
by St. Ias September 26, 2005
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My friend has one hwb in bed at night.
When the weather is cold my friend puts more than one hot water bottle into the bed.
by St. Ias December 15, 2005
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I approached a woman in a red light district. I asked what she offered. She replied "jal"
by St. Ias September 21, 2005
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guak is an acronym for " give us another kiss "
I was lying in my bed attempting to go to sleep. Outside in the street I heard a young couple talking. I heard the guy say " guak "
by St. Ias October 30, 2005
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Gina Lollobrigida (actress), Louis B. Meyer (Film Executive)
and Neil Simon (Playwright) were born on 4th of July
by St. Ias September 30, 2005
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FUN is an acronym for frivolous unburdened nookie
My girlfriend and I decided we would buy all the food and drink required to see us through to Monday on Friday. Once we had done all the shopping we would head straight home, unpack the shopping and put it away. We would then take the phone off the hook, switch off our mobiles and have fun all weekend until the time came to get upto get ready to go to work on Monday morning.
by St. Ias November 8, 2005
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FUN is an acronym for fucking usually nightime
My girlfriend asked her chum what she intended to do at the weekend. Her friend told her FUN
by St. Ias November 8, 2005
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