What a girl in Albemarle is to a boy in Monroe
his baby maddie his baby caroline
by Audrina Grace November 10, 2010
Usually this is said by a crazy girlfriend who is in desperate need to become pregnant, so she resorts to wrapping her legs around you to try and stop you from pulling out. If this happens to you immediately end the relationship as a CUM REVENGE is imminent to happen, a cum revenge is when you cum on your girlfriends stomach and out of revenge for you cumming in their mouth they pull your open mouth to the cum forcing you to eat it.
Simpup: Man this crazy hoe said, "daddy's got his babies" to me last night when we were fucking.
Everyone: Did you pull out?
Simpup: Nah I just let it happen
Everyone: Thats crazy
Simpup: Yeah shes also had CUM REVENGE on me too.
Everyone: FUCKING RUN!
An expression a gay man says about an extremely attractive man. "...I want to drink his babies" means swallowing a hot man's semen.
He's so hot I want to drink his babies.
by Platunis July 24, 2014
Sorry, I'm too busy for you and I rather talk to random people over the one person in life that loves me the most
Moaz: Calls Nour..
Nour: Hi baby I'm out
by moazta June 4, 2019
and… we’re doing valentine’s day together.


I love you. We doing it ❤️
ps: the person that wrote this thinks that you have a big head😗

hi baby again
by boobear5000 January 22, 2023