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1. To lead towards a destination (place or person) with your groin, often with dubious sexual intention.

2. To converse with another person whilst asserting one's groin, with the hope that the person will be impressed by this show of masculinity.
1. I don't know what's gotten into Joe, he's groining everywhere tonight!

2. He was groining her the whole time we were there, she was not impressed.
2a. People have been groining each other the whole night, what kind of place is this?!
by SC_Gediminas August 31, 2013
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Humping with full-force. Groining is usually dry Humping an inanimate object vigorously just for shits and giggles.
nick: Brandon WTF are you doing to that punching bag?!?! (lol)

Brandon: GROINING!!! *humps punching bag vigoously*
by Anykey Keyboard April 19, 2011
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