the exact same meaning as "shits and giggles" except it sounds much more manly than 'shits and giggles'
Jeff - "Bro why the fuk did you throw your bottle at that dudes house for!?"

Jeffs mate - "just for shits"
by Baggus bro July 9, 2010
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John: All women are hoes
Alex: That's just plain shit.

John: All prostitute's go to heaven
Alex: That's just plain shit.
by B.Renegade October 19, 2018
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When something reaches its maximum level of being shitty.
Jonas brothers are just shit.

I was forced to watch Twilight, and it was just shit.
by Hizzhouse February 4, 2010
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1. something really amazing or unbeleivable happened.
2. you meant to fart, but you got more than you bargained for
ex.1 "I just shit my pants when I made that half-court shot."

ex.2 "Oh noes, I think I just shit my pants."
by noh0pe4me May 12, 2004
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An expression for someone who doesn't have high expectations or large goals in life.
Anthony: All I want out of life is an apartment and a puppy.
Alex: You're really shooting for the stars there huh?
Anthony: No, I just want to shit with the birds.
by Regicidal October 24, 2013
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An expression used to signify the upmost disregard to ones appearance, respectability and the general outward impression given in social gatherings. A lack of desire to impress. Also can refer to a lack of sobriety.
YOU: Hey, check out Fergie flossin' over by the bar. She is so glamorous!

ME: Fuck that bitch, I'm just here to shit my pants.
by ewol May 14, 2007
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