Word used to describe very large "grape" sized "nipples"
Grimy! Did you see how hard grandma's "gripples" got while she was watching mud wrestling last night?
by wallville December 11, 2008
When you are shaving your chest area and accidentally shave off one of your nipples.
Steven: ahh man, you should have seen last night, i got blood EVERYWHERE
Ben: Why what happened?
Steven: I was shaving and accidentally pulled a Gripple
Ben: OH jesus, you grippled your nipple?
Steven: Well yeah... generally
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010
A nipple on a grizzly bear. IOW, the last thing you'll ever see when you pet a baby grizzly bear in the woods and its mother rears up to bite your head off.
The last thing i remember before waking up in the hospital was those huge gripples sticking out through her fur.
by thatquietboy November 30, 2011
(v) the act of squeezing, popping, scratching, et al the zits and boils on a lover's back, not necessarily during sex. Often done at random or during outdoor picnics by a body of water.

Also known as:

"Clearing the mine-field", "raking the back-leaves"
"Oi, Kev...how's Denise?"

"Great Mick...she's like a chimp she is, always trying to gripple me back!"
by capedfolly February 9, 2010
the action of twisting someones nipples in an effort to cause pain.
the attacker will usually shout "nipple gripple"
by george of the jungle June 18, 2004
Act of pinching and Twisting Nipple in a agressive mannar so as to cause high pitch screaming.
He Nipple Grippled me when I wasnt expecting it.
by Caspered October 31, 2010