Form of precipitation which is undefined and tends to be a mix of rain, snow, sleet, hail, and perhaps something else. Common in Cleveland Oh. Also a word which can general all around bad weather.
The weather was so bad today that it just couldn't decide and started clevelanding.
by Gelox56 October 12, 2009
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A really cool city with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it's also full of negative, angry people. The objective is not to let those people keep you down.
Cleveland may not be a plum, but it's not a rotten apple, either.
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A slang term for where a lost item has gone or on its way to.
1. Quoted from the 1990 film Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Where is your ID?

On his way to Cleveland.

2. Question someone asks: Where did that car go? Cleveland? Or around the back of the lot.

by Nicholas Weiner April 27, 2008
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Anyone that lives inside or within 20 miles of the city limits of Cleveland, Ohio. Real Clevelanders know that Pittsburgh sucks and that the Browns are commin' back. Clevelanders reside in a climate that has 2 seasons: Summer, which is characterized by temperatures in the high 80's and an occassional snow fall, and Winter with temperatures usually in the low 20's while sometimes getting heat spikes into the 90's. They set the Cuyahoga river on fire for fun and use the word "pop", not the incorrect term "soda". Clevelanders can be identified by their characteristic use of prepositions at the end of sentences. If you are in Cleveland and ask a Clevelander which way is North, he or she will instead tell you where the lake is at. To find a Clevelander, simply go outside and yell at the top of your lungs "Browns Suck, go Steelers!". The guy that beats the shit out of you will be a Clevelander.
Clevelander: Where's my coat at?
Non- Clevelander: You must be from Cleveland

Non-Clevelander Visiting Cleveland: Can you tell me which way is North.
Clevelander: The lake is that way.
by The Clevelander April 05, 2010
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Also known as C-Town by natives, Cleveland is a famous city in the northern area of Ohio that may be even more popular then the capital of Ohio, Columbus. It borders Lake Erie and is known for extreme, ever-changing weather. It is also known for being the poorest city in the United States, very culturally diverse, and the origin of many rap/hip hop artists. There is a lot of cultural pride here, occasionally racism (Mostly the ever-ignorant Black vs. White. Both sides are guilty - Police specificly target blacks, and then there is a day called May Day where white people cannot attend school unless they want their ass kicked.) There are many gangs in Cleveland that mostly deal drugs and fight other gangs. Drugs and illegal substances are quite common here. The sports teams of Cleveland are the Indians (Baseball, was good in the 90s, offends Native Americans everywhere and has a big fluffy purple mascot named Slider,) Cavaliers (Basketball, now made famous by LeBron James and Usher,) Browns (Football, now returned and worse than ever,) Barons(Hockey, replaced the Lumber Jacks,) and Force (Soccer.)

If you go to Cleveland, you have to go to the Jake (Jacob's Field), the Q (used to be Gund Arena,) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Hard Rock at least once. There's also something called the Warehouse District, West Side Market, Tower City, and other stuff if you're feeling adventurous.

Sorry if this sucked, I just thought Cleveland needed a detailed definition.
"We're here with C-Town's finest."

"LeBron James lived Akron before the Cleveland Cavaliers snatched him up."

"What it do, C-Town?"

"If you are a woman in Cleveland, bring pepper spray, because many get raped here. Other then that it's pretty nice."
by hmm!? June 22, 2006
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