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A fattish german boy who turned viral via youtube, it is undetermined whether he is an actor or not.

The Angry German Kid sit's in front of his computer playing Unreal Tournament and constantly yells abuse and smashes the shit out of his Keyboard in the process, he can't handle losing, he can't handle lag and he can't handle the game not loading.

In the end he goes insane, smashes his keyboard to hell, screams a few more times at the computer and then runs away with a whimpering sound going to have a cry like a little bitch.

Many youtube videos have been made with differant English subtitles to make it funny and fresh each time and even though it's just the same clip with differant sub titles it continues to be funny (as long as the person who makes it isn't a dickhead).


Used to describe someone who loses their temper or rages at the computer or anything else for no reason.
John: OH MY GOD!~!!!!hbvebfhdbfhj jf bvfRAGHH!!!!!!!! WHY WON'T SIMS 3 LOAD!

Steve: Settle down... don't be such an Angry German Kid
by maxmoefoe June 09, 2010

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Want a definition? Google it
-The Internet Example-
Here, look one up
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010

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OMFG WTF STFU GTFO N00B is the largest possible insult able to be used against old people who don't follow abbreviations in such a manner.

Standing for Oh my fucking god, shut the fuck up, get the fuck out n00b.

People over the age of thirty are baffled to what this even means when said like so.
Kid: Mother, can you make me pancakes for breakfast?
Mother: No, i'm already making you toast
Mother: ???
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010

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Brock Vision or Brock Sight meaning; bad eye sight. When someone is having trouble seeing or noticing something in front of them or at a distance they are legible to be called on having Brock Vision.

The name coming from the rock type gym leader fromPokemon who always has his eyes "closed".
Kurt: I can hardly see it, can you bring it a bit closer?
Matt: I'm almost holding it right in front of you, get your eyes checked, i'm pretty sure you have Brock Vision
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010

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When someone begins to tell you something abo...
An example of a Suspence Killer is simular to the act o...
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010

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When you are shaving your chest area and accidentally shave off one of your nipples.
Steven: ahh man, you should have seen last night, i got blood EVERYWHERE
Ben: Why what happened?
Steven: I was shaving and accidentally pulled a Gripple
Ben: OH jesus, you grippled your nipple?
Steven: Well yeah... generally
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010

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An expression used when someone falls over nothing or walks in to something which was obviously there causing people to think "How did he even walk in to that?!"
The name coming from the famous, black, blind piano player Ray Charles.
Brad: Be right back, i'm just going to grab an ice cream from the freezer
*Runs in to wall*
Steve: hahaha, what are you doing?! you must be wearing your Ray Goggles today.
Brad: ... *Is unconcious*
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010

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