adj: the ultimate, the maximum of something. To the extreme
EWW anne is a Magna Whore! Could she be more naked?
by Kindacrazy August 13, 2005
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A little girl! Who is known as a Loli! She is always sweet and nice and kind and cute! She is always the smartest in every group she is in! She fights for justice and what is right!
Magna is a sweet Loli!
by STUPIDFAGGOT February 15, 2021
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A contract between partners giving the other permission to fart freely. It is "signed" when the first one openly farts in front of the other.
When she let one rip as they got ready for bed, Fred knew that he could now fart whenever he pleased as she had signed the Magna Farta.
by Fartin' King John November 27, 2013
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Kickass Rock Band who nobody seems to have heard of. Well I'm getting it out. listen to one of their songs at their website

and listen.
Buy their album cuz I only found one of thieir songs on KaZaA...
by Weasel July 30, 2004
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The beastiest FWD you will ever see, just make sure that you are 24/7 fangin the frick outta the thing when u go limmy bashing with the PVC pipe snorkel
We were really fangin it in the fat Magna
by BundyRumYTB October 6, 2019
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1. An important English charter.

2. A series of Korean video games, the second being published in the US by Atlus in 2005. Known for its confusing gender boundaries and terrible voice acting.
"Magna Carta tricked me. I thought Calintz was hot until she started talking in that husky voice. Trap ftl. :("

"Uh, Eonis, why do you have water balloons stuffed down your top?"
by Espiria June 10, 2006
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The state of being completely and utterly plastered
Jim: Bro last night was insane! Did you see John? He had serious fucking Magna Carta

Chris: Are you serious man haha? He was that far gone

Jim: Oh yea haha
by The Magic Hat March 15, 2011
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