one's native country which one has abandoned for the sake of becoming some other country’s citizen.
The non-resident Indians have love for their old country.
by uttam maharjan July 8, 2012
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any eastern European or Eurasian nation that ends in "-ia"; some in "-stan"; also Poland

ex: Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Kazakhstan, Waziristan
made famous by the elderly Ashkenazi couple Boris and Minka on the Nickelodeon cartoon "Rugrats"--it is always "old country" without an article
by Content-ment411 May 17, 2019
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A way to make a man humble and bring him back down to earth and get respect out of him, usually done by fucking him in his ass.
Iron Sheik-"Break his back, make him humble, AND THEN fuck his it to him old country way, make him humble"
by S.P.M March 4, 2008
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A term used to talk to russian imigrants into the united states, for example:
Russian: Wow, country of america boring, i go to no party i have-a no fun.

American:(talks in place of russian) "Back in old country....(fill in blank to make fun of said person)
by бай хуй January 17, 2009
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the act of sexually eating out a prostitute when the Man or Woman vomits in the vagina of the prostitute, and continues eating her out.

Originates from collage students at University of Tampa FL.

Made famous by a underground rap group called E.C.E.
that guy was so passed out drunk last night that he preformed an "Old Country Buffet" on that slut
by Kris-Co E.C.E Rapper October 4, 2010
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Put deisred food (preferably broccoli and cheese or mashed potatoes) in grandmas vagina once awake in the morning. when dinner time comes Granny quiffs out your hot and steamy Old country buffet on your plate.
Hey mom, what are we having for dinner?

The old country buffet!

by Olivia Buckham August 18, 2011
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when you go to the old country buffet in a large group and your waiter says "Welcome to old country buffet" really slowly.
"Dude, remember welcome to old country buffet. and wait 15 seconds for the ice cream machine, or the fat mechanic."
by #1jolly roger May 8, 2009
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