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A rear entry sexual position (sometimes known colloquially as 'doggie'/'doggy' style) in which the female partner bends over, or crouches on all fours, before intercourse commences. When adopted in a location with adequate illumination, the male partner is able to enjoy the full visual spectacle of what the French call “Le banquet parfait” - ‘the perfect feast’.

The male partner adopting the Grandstand has a perfect view of his partner’s head, neck, back, buttocks, natal cleft, parted legs, her ‘rosette’ (anus) and her ‘labia minora’ and the vaginal entrance as his penis is welcomed by the folds of the delicate and moistened inner labia, moments before it is enticed into the tight and secret warmth of the vagina.
Charlie: "I'm close honey, I'm close, how d'ya want me to finish us off? Fast or slow?"

Sally: "Turn me over baby, turn me over, I want you to take the grandstand now."

(Charlie withdraws, turns her carefully onto her front and lifts her hips onto all fours, before taking up a position behind her)

Charlie: "Oh Sal, Sal, it's an amazing sight, here's the tip, here's the tip, now feel it, feel it, now, now push back honey, push back...."

Sally: "Just stoke me baby, stroke my clit, stroke her, stroke her, bit harder, bit faster, now now I'm gonna push back ... NOW baby, now baby, PUSH, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck I'm going to ..... oh no, no, I'm coming NOW, baby I'm coming, oh yes, yes, yes baby .... come with me come with me come with me......"
by Katie4eyes October 22, 2018
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a place to sit at a big rodeo. often full of drunken buckle bunnies lookin for a good time, and dirty old men who love looking at my tight cowgirl ass. grandstands are probably found in other sports as well.
the drugstore cowboy and buckle bunny were falling all over each other while 'watching the rodeo' from the backseat of the grandstand.
by cowgirl_tater May 06, 2004
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To show obvious wealth, like flexing without trying.
John: I'd pick up the Maserati because I want something that grandstands more, like a lambo
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by Mom i swear to god June 22, 2018
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Just like a one night stand... but for a whole week. With 3 women. At the same time. Covered in chocolate sauce. In a silk hammock. In Jamaica
Yo these nachos are better than a grand stand!
by Ginger106615 March 14, 2018
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