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Verb. As in to 'Comey' something.

Definition: creating & dating documentation, preferably in memorandum format, to memorialize conversations and/or events should you have a future need to provide proof of said incident and be able to validate said documentation was created at the time of the incident.

First used in conversation by AJW on 7/13/17.
Used in a sentence: You need to Comey that in case we need to provide a statement to <insert type of political, criminal justice, investigatory proceedings>.
by Blkhippiegrl July 25, 2017
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adj. moral hypocrite, someone who endorses a moral standard and yet behaves in violation of it.
He's so comey that he'd destroy one political candidate over harmless emails yet he'd help a racist, misogynist, treasonous con-man become president instead.
by santacruzjeff June 08, 2017
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A person who is indecisive. Someone who flip flops back and forth to the point of absurdity.
Dude, quit pulling a Comey on me!!. Make up your damn mind already.
by jas340 May 09, 2017
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when you're so depressed you're convinced everybody hates you and you're doing everything wrong
FBI Director Comey is himself, worthless.
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by May 09, 2017
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A homey that you rely on to always tell you the truth, especially when you don't want to hear it.
James is my comey bro, he totally warned me that girl was gonna cheat on me.
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by Juan Jay May 28, 2018
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