1) someone who will do anything to get attention; namely whore herself out, sleep around, cry for no reason, dance like a slut, etc.
2) someone who has a folder full of their "selfies" on their desktop
3) someone who wears a shirt as a dress and says "oops!!"
4) she feels like she's in constant competition with people even though there CLEARLY is no competition
5) doesn't understand why "good guys don't like her" even though she's obvs a slut
Mary, you're such an attention seeking whore!! Pull your dress down!
by the mary-opposition-coalition October 31, 2008
noun- someone who will do anything to get attention from someone. most of the time its a girl. she doesnt always dress like a whore, and act like one...she just trys to talk to every single person she meets. if someone calls you an attention seeking whoe, do not assume theyre calling you a whore. they are saying you like attention from guys, and thats all youre trying to do. these type of people beome obsessive, annoying, and most of the time they are ugly. They are lonely, unloved, no one cares aboiut them, self-conscious. the only person that loves them is jesus. attention seeking whores will make up lies to what they do or what they like solemly for attention. Without the lies that make up who "they" are, nobody would pay any attention to them. being an attention seeking whore is basically the same thing as the following: ugly, annoying, obsessive, repulsive, has pimples, loud, and thier curfew is 7 oclock. when youre in highschool and youre an attention seeking whore, you really have no life and you have no potential to obtain a life of any excitement at all.
Girl: salena is an attention seeking whore!
Guy: salena? that girl is really nice, she added me on facebook randomly last week and we talked.
Girl: exactly.
by Gail Leslie Salena December 30, 2011
When people want to try and manipulate a lad into fancying them or giving them attention
National attention seeking whore day- is someone who tries to manipulate lads to liking them and that like everyone’s attention on them
by Ahhhhhahahahahah October 17, 2021
two bisses who mind their own business yet still get attacked by a wild gaylee .
andrea and amy are such attention seeking whore bisses
by b4db1ss September 26, 2019