"Showing off" or going out of one's way to appear spectacular. See showboating.
"After jumping the grand canyon on a unicycle, Harry was grandstanding by cycling backwards with his eyes closed with his underpants on fire."
by BigPimpDaddy May 7, 2004
I don't think Phil realizes he's grandstanding in his speedo. Chicks dig his little tight ass.
by y20degrees May 8, 2004
Brilliant persons of an upstanding community. Usually with huge bottoms.
Council chairpersons
by daniel ives May 7, 2004
Someone who says outrageous things or performs attention seeking acts, to win an argument or to appear to be superior, would be a grandstander
Donald Trump called James Comey a grandstander and said it was a reason for firing him.
by Denekawa May 11, 2017
Donald Trump called Comey a grandstander.
Every time he opens his slit he projects.
by 29gts11 August 27, 2020
To show obvious wealth, like flexing without trying.
John: I'd pick up the Maserati because I want something that grandstands more, like a lambo
by Mom i swear to god June 23, 2018
To receive fellatio while defecating in the upper tank of a toilet instead of the bowl.
"John keeps talking about how he got a lumpkin AND upper decked somebody the other night."

"Nah, he was just grandstanding - "
by HCGATOR07 December 4, 2009