One of the coolest sports ever developed in world history. Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, dream great dreams, think great thoughts, meet interesting people, explore diverse regions, see the countryside, or just cruise down the road in a zen like state. Traveling at speeds on average from 10 to over 40 mph, cycling is an efficent, healthy, and green mode of transport. In the 21st century, the sport has become increasingly popular thorough out the globe, with the construction of thousands of miles of cycling paths in North America and Europe such as the East Coast Greenway and the Euro Velo.
Breaking Away is a great coming of age film centered around the sport of cycling.
by coloneljackmustard May 25, 2012
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running while sitting down
the equally bored look of the person cycling on the exercise bicycle next to the person running on the treadmill ...
by twk333 September 29, 2011
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"since i'm poor and have no car and my name is ABBIE, i went cycling."
by Jessicka November 12, 2003
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Rampant homosexual arse ramming with each guy taking a turn with the next.
My ass is in a world of pain. I'm new to this cycling game but how do you guys manage to do it several times every day, thank goodness my crew is only 4 guys.
by nosub February 12, 2014
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A period in which anabolic steroid users take specific combos of steroids for a certain time frame. the steroids compliment eachother and allow the effects of the steroids to show more.
joe is huge! i hear he's been on a cycle
by Millincollin82 May 10, 2006
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Marketing wants to add a new feature and engineering pushed back claiming they don't have the cycles.
by bkdouble October 5, 2006
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Completely getting lopsided drunk. The reference is compared to a bicycle on how it spins and goes crazy.
I got completely cycled at this party last night.
by Ghostkilla Ramzilla November 19, 2020
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