A really really fucking good ass that makes you so fucking hard you could cut diamonds with your raging hard on.
Daaaaaamn look at the grand canyon! Aspyn is lookin hella good
by john balla March 11, 2015
Big expandable pussy that can fit numerous dicks inside.
Stretched pussy
Lady: He is small
Man: Maybe the ball park was too big, even a 747 (jetplane) looks small in the Grand Canyon
by tl December 25, 2003
A steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in the State of Arizona.
Arizona is the Grand Canyon State.

The most breathtaking view you have ever seen!

by Chizhi Worm April 28, 2009
One of Arizona's most popular tourist site.

Can be also used as a roast to someone with a huge gap between their teeth.
Hey John.....I just went to the grand canyon in AZ, and it was amazing.

It is almost as if babyface has the grand canyon in his mouth.
by Mr. Cluckerz November 18, 2016
a vagina that is loose and dry

a female version of the male "chode"( a penis that is wider than it is long)
Bitch: Marty you have a chode.
Marty: Oh ya, Bitch, you have a grand canyon.
by the vagina cutter January 19, 2009
The area between a Male's asshole and his balls
Hey man i just let my girl peg me but now the good old grand canyon is aching
by DirtyPablo March 14, 2021