The act of hooking up with a girl after cockblocking your friend while the female is already engaged in a prior relationship.
Megan has a boyfriend, but my friend tried to hook up with her. Not only did I hook up with her, but found out later she was married. I definitely performed a grand theft.
by dp mcdaniels May 11, 2010
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A term used to describe a person who continually tries to borrow money but has no actual intention of ever paying the money back although prior to receiving the loan they will say anything under the sun to convince the lender that they will get their money back. Once the loan is made, the grand theft borrower will intentionally avoid the matter.
Big John's cousin advised him that she needed $300 to fix her car and promised that she would no doubt pay him back by the end of the week. When Big John saw her at the nail shop two weeks later, he realized his cousin was a grand theft borrower and he was screwed.
by Sacramento Solon December 20, 2016
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Name given to the current trend among arty types of shoplifting bondage equipment and dildos from sex shops. The stolen goods are then used in homemade porno films, a copy of which is sent to the manager of the shop in question.
Sex shop manager: Watch that little shit, Bertha. Looks an arty type. Probably here to commit Grand Theft Briggsy.
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland September 8, 2006
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1. The crime of stealing a car.

2.The best thing to happen to videogames ever. First developed for the PC in 1996, GTA created a huge storm with it's ground breaking violence, just like Mortal Kombat before it. Even though it branded an '18' certificate, there was still outrage. It was when it hit the PSone that things really started to get stirred up. On the Daily Mail (England) the words 'Evil "Game"'. When GTA london hit the shelves, again the Daily Mail were the first to brand it with a mark. "An addition to the evil." it said, reffering to that it was the first add-on pack ever made. GTA2, and it had all calmed down a bit. There was still some anger though. When Driver wowed the crowds with it's 3D graphics and smooth handling, Rockstar knew they had to come up with a solution. So they decided to make it 3D. No suprises there then. But Rockstar also decided that they would put thier next game where they knew it would sell well. That place was the next gen console. Being faithful to Sony and the PC, they put their game on those two systems. They knew it would sell well. But they didn't know it would sell as well as it did. If you had told Rockstar that thier game would sell 8 million copies, they would have laughed at you and called security. But that is what happened. Think about that for a second. That is a LOT of money. You pay £40 for a new game, and 8 million copies were sold. How much money is that? £320000000. Dan Houser must be laughing. The controversy this caused was outstanding. 'The Evil Returns in 3 Dimensions' screamed the Daily Mail. Of course, they had to make a sequel. So they did. It was anticipated a little bit. The gameplay was slightly improved. Rockstar made a little bit of money. Its quite a good game. BRING ON SAN ANDREAS!!!!!!!!!
Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK: "Vice City doesn't just blur the barrier imbetween videogames and popular culture, it completely decimates them."

PSM2: "Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the best thing to happen to any console ever."

Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK: "San Andreas looks so good, that a member of staff actually pissed themselves. That is not a lie. Really.
by Flipsta September 18, 2004
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Grand Theft Auto (commonly shortened to GTA) is s fun, family friendly, and immersive video game series for young kids and overly protective parents to play together as a family. The series is known for its highly advanced plot lines, realistic graphics and physics, and missions that require intense levels of concentration and skill. They are great games for improving a child's hand-eye coordination, focusing abilities, and response times at a young age. The games can also be used to teach children how to drive and shoot at a young age, preparing them for the world ahead, and eliminating the need to pay for drivers ed classes in high school.
"Hey Mom, can I get Grand Theft Auto IV for my fifth birthday?"
"Sure Jimmy, go right ahead!"
by Pepé Le Pew July 19, 2013
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What occurs when you have played Grand Theft Auto for so long, it begins to rewire all previous learning in your brain, causing you to do really stupid shit without thinking. Depending on your level of intelligence, Grand Theft Amnesia can cause you to do anything from running red lights unintentionally to shooting at moving cars with various semi-automatic weapons or jacking cars at gunpoint.
The news recently reported a story of two young men in one of the Southern states who were arrested after being caught shooting at cars on the freeway. When questioned, the boys explained that they had just finished playing Grand Theft Auto and it seemed like a fun thing to try. They were obviously suffering from a bad case of Grand Theft Amnesia.
by Wendy Martin August 19, 2008
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A great game that some feminists and the PTA and everybody else with a hair up their ass made a big deal out of. You can shoot people, do missions for gangs, hijack cars. and pick up hookers. Some parents blame murders that their kids commited on the game-far be it from them to admit tha their kids might've had a PROBLEM. Its just a video game and it isnt real. Overall one of the best games ever made, and since its release ther have been many Grand Theft Auto-style games that were much worse than GTA, but there was NO controversy, but whenever a GTA game comes out they have a prob. So. protesters, FUCK YOU.
That hooker did me and took my money!! I'll just run her skanky ass over and take my cash back!
by only$19.99,less s+h December 27, 2003
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