You have a wide choice to see a movie, we have every channel under the sun.
by *havij* August 31, 2010
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To come on your partner’s face while simultaneously spraying their face with various condiments typically used on food
Last night was crazy! I gave that bitch everything under the sun!
by Dadatboidaboidat February 26, 2023
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Happiness in a glass. A mixed drink containing grape flavored vodka and orange juice. The name originated due to how incredibly delightful the drink tastes.
Amanda and Jenna were listening to Third Eye Blind and drinking some Under the Tuscan Suns. Good times.
by Jemanda November 14, 2008
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What the school slut will ask you to do to her in the dumspter in the back of the school when it is 100 degrees outside. She will possibly get sunburned in the process.
Today, it was 100 degrees outside. The school slut, Emily, came up to me and asked "Oh daddy, can you please fuck me under the hot sun?" So I got her pregnant in the dumpster outside the cafateria door and left her there.
by I am Hitler September 22, 2019
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"Obviously, if you have typed that in, you must be insane!" That is what some people would say but you don't want to listen to those guys. but oh no no no, I am here to show you the light.

You're insane, they were right.
BUT, it does have a meaning, this term means something is absolutely improbable and out of no where.
You can describe ANYTHING as a bread with legs in an ice cube on water under sun.
"Oh Robbie over there? He is such a bread with legs in an ice cube on water under sun"
"That discussion was so bread with legs in an ice cube on water under sun"
by Mother BeastCake May 9, 2017
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A person described as "Invincible Under The Sun" is the strongest in mind, strength, and spirit. You could numb it down to be the "strongest" to live on earth.
Guy 1: Wow, that fight was crazy!

Guy 2: Yeah, its as if he was Invincible Under The Sun!
by WICKEDP3NIS September 16, 2023
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