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A short-lived 1990s television programme based on Jim'll Fix It in which gay art icon Briggsy made the dreams of homosexuals come true. One classic episode featured Briggsy riding a greased pig through Liverpool before masturbating into the River Mersey whilst singing "I am what I am"
Homosexual 1: I really want to be gang-buggered by a colony of baboons.

Homosexual 2: Briggsy'll Fix It!
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland November 27, 2006
In the mid-nineties London's gay art community threw what has become a legendary barbecue. A group of 6 arty queens masturbated over a quarter-pounder which they intended to enter for a prestigious art prize. Leading gay artist Briggsy watched the spectacle before mincing into the centre of the group and hungrily devouring the well-seasoned burger. Subsequently any burger liberally coated with jizz has been termed a Briggsy Burger.
Its a shame those queers didn't get to enter their Spunk Burger for the Briggsy Prize.

Not really. Briggsy spewed the whole lot and won the prize with his pile of vomit. "Briggsy Burger" was snapped up by Saatchi for 8 million quid.

by Des Lynam's Love-Gland December 12, 2006
A revolting dessert served up in the more depraved quarters of the homosexual community. After wining and dining his bitch, the dominant gay forces a peeled orange up the bitch's ass. After 5 minutes of ass-baking the orange is removed and eaten by the bitch. The practice was invented by prominent gay artist, Briggsy.
What's for dessert, Dominic?

You're having Briggsy's Chocolate Orange, so open wide bitch.
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland December 10, 2006
Used to describe someone who has heterosexual inclinations but practices homosexuality in order to fit in with their arty friends.
Oi arty dwarf boy. I saw you gobbling that artist outside the club the other night. Didn't know you were gay.

Oh I'm not gay, I'm Briggsysexual. I only suck cocks because it makes me look oh so boho.
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland August 22, 2006
Name given to the current trend among arty types of shoplifting bondage equipment and dildos from sex shops. The stolen goods are then used in homemade porno films, a copy of which is sent to the manager of the shop in question.
Sex shop manager: Watch that little shit, Bertha. Looks an arty type. Probably here to commit Grand Theft Briggsy.
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland September 8, 2006
The pseudonym used by grotesque midgets when they "Tranny-up" in order to pick up rough men in gay bars.
That Little Miss Briggsy makes me sick. I've just seen him go home with two big Germans in lederhosen
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland September 5, 2006
When a man gets lucky at the gay bar on a Sunday night and gets so well rogered he doesn't go in to work on the Monday. His day off is known in the gay community as Saint Briggsy's Day.
I went home with two fat black trannies last night and my arse is rawer than sushi. I'm gonna have a Saint Briggsy's Day.
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland September 11, 2006