some one who cozies up (lends his ass) for petty benefits especially from a person of authority.
the bosses new secretary is a lender, he got many benefits approved out of turn.
by satccha February 2, 2017
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A goal-lender is a goalie who believes that he is the best player, but shows his true failure when he steps foot in front of the net. Every shot towards him is let it, almost as if he is lending goals to the other team.
Player #1: Did you see the goal-lender play today?

Player #2: Yeah! Every shot went in!

Player #3: He was practically LENDING goals!
by Drayus December 22, 2010
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Best Buy aka USBC: A company that uses deceptive practices and abusive rates, fees and other mechanisms to maximize the amount they can get from an unwary or desperate customer. Usually corporations, they may include credit card companies, banks, payday loan companies. Such credit cards use any legal excuse or loophole to raise it rates (often above 33%) without notifying the customer regardless of whether of not the customer has been a model customer. See pond scum.
Credo Credit Card and USBC are predatory lenders.
by mysockpuppet March 13, 2009
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In reference to banks/credit unions prior to the GFC.... With their careless lending procedures and policies.
Applicant:'I got declined at x bank'.

Friend: 'It's ok Z bank is a slut lender they'll give you a loan for anything'
by The phantom piddler August 15, 2010
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a 40 something year old Mortgage Broker in Layton, Utah who specializes in FHA, VA, and Conventional loans at great rates and low closing costs
I needed a mortgage and "The Low Price Lender" hooked me up
by LaytonLender March 8, 2010