An "incentive" offered by companies where they charge you more money and then give it to you at the time of purchase. Also known as "customer cash," cash back is frequently a ploy used by car dealerships and more recently cable TV providers. It plays on greedy consumers' tendency toward impulse buying. To the dealer it sounds like "here's some of the money you're going to pay us" but to the average consumer it sounds like "I can go buy a new car AND a flatscreen TV!"
Come in today and buy a new car and get $2,00 cash back!
by Spirit Bear March 30, 2009
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Cash back, adj. An exclamation comparable to 'Great!', 'Excellent!' or 'Dandy!'.

See: Jurassic Park
by alan partridge January 19, 2003
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When you nut in a girls mouth and then proceed to make her spit the nut into your hand you may then smack her with the nut
Ashley just came out of the room with a red face covered in nut! Conner must have given her “The cash back”
by Daddy Carl July 30, 2019
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To receive a hand job with a $20 bill wrapped around you penis. The man then ejaculates on to the girl's face and places the $20 into her mouth.
Dude I Gave Nicole Cash Back last night
by warpony September 9, 2010
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Gaining funds for taxi/train/bus fare to get home with from the female you just had a one night stand with.
Last night I smashed this tottie and she gave me 20 sheets for a taxi home, cash back snatch
by Vigvam1 July 28, 2010
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After a girl is done giving you a blow job, she reaches to kiss you on the mouth without wiping her lips first.
Guy 1: So what did you guys do afterwards?

Guy 2: I told her "no thank you, I don't want to subscribe to your cash back rewards program."
by Avtomatov November 7, 2023
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While playing particularly Hockey or any other contact sport. You "Check" or hit an opposing player, Immediately after find yourself on the ground after you got checked approximately two times better by another opposing player. Leaving you looking like an idiot.
Josh: Hey Derrick, did you see what just happened to Norm?

Derrick: Yeah man, that other guy totally Cash-Backed him.

Josh: Agreed.
by Normalicious November 3, 2012
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