When you've come into contact with a person on the Internet using a fake identity for attention points. Being graced typically predates that fake person ghosting you after being caught bullshitting.
David: Hey, where has Grace been all day?
John: Looks like she was gracing everyone in the community.
Paul: Oh man, looks like you've been graced!
by tennesseeford July 19, 2020
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I have a friend, called Grace and let’s just say she possesses a certain feature that would make something enjoyable. We call this getting “Graced.” We feel it’s important that young people are educated in what this means! It should be widely known and just so you know this is named after Grace Jepson!

(It means to get fingered but she has huge hands) (like massive)
“My boyfriend graced me last night”
“She deffo got graced on the bus, init”

“She had a fishy fanny but I still graced her”

“yes officer, it was them who graced me”
“they graced me out of nowhere”
“graced myself last night. it was fantastic mate”
by Get Graced April 27, 2021
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Blessed with presence, or gave favor to.
"Its about time I graced you with my presence"
by Arthur L March 8, 2006
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to be given the perfect gift, present or party. Named for Grace Carter the inventor of the giftfinder. Traditionally used in parts of Devon or London. Not be confused with "Ninged" which means the opposite
I've been "Graced" with this Christmas present
by scpg December 11, 2008
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Grace, a beautiful, intelligent, gentle, sarcastic, brave, annoying, hysterical, just an all around glorious person. They have the best smile and best advice ever. Supportive and caring. Easy going. Grace is friends with anyone and will support you 100% in any decision you make.
"Honestly, Grace is too much but just enough at the same time. She is great."
by TommyDaToast April 10, 2020
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a sweet and kind girl makes every one happy even when she is sad and is easy to foll for
dude 1. bro i think im in love with her
dude 2. well ya she is a grace

dude 3. i like her to
by leah faith April 7, 2020
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