Some one who is easy talk to and many people tell her secrets because she does not get mad at them whatever they do.
doesnt get mad easily.
Kind. Nice.
Sam- I lost your car keys I'm soo sorry!

James- It's ok we'll find them soon enough! :)
Sam- your soo easy going! thank you!
by Jamesbondlover12326 January 24, 2012
Someone who is easy to get along with and talk to. Typically a stoner or an occasional weed smoker.
Dude 1
"Hey man, I slept with your mom last night.... sorry.

Dude 2
"No worries man." *Takes a hit off a phat boy.*

Dude 1
"Wow... your easy going dude"
by WhiteSugar July 26, 2009
A description most people use in personal ads or chat rooms to try to convince themselves and others that they are not psycho.
I am a 20yr old GWM, brown hair/eyes, into fisting, rimming, PNP, and occasional scat sessions. I am also very easy going.
by Matt Beau May 10, 2006
A person that is outging and very kind.
Tina doesnt get upset easily. She's an easy-going person.
by ❤Your Cutie❤ September 30, 2020
a traveler with fast action for start a trip!
I minced to go with Charles, but as he was an easy going, he tried to go to some where else after the first trip, now I was trying to make myself still.
by man!? July 18, 2017
A proverb meaning if something good happens easily it easily can be taken away or destroyed
by ac February 14, 2004
when you show up to fuck, but you see a used condom in the trash
"yo me and jules were gonna fuck but it was easy come, easy go when i found a fucking used condom in the trash and her ex avi's shirt in the bathroom"
by squatfucker420 January 30, 2017