lustful feelings, not love itself, but the feeling of euphoria you get when you are "in love" often referred to as puppy love!
im in love with Gabriel Floros, because he is amazing!
by mcaxum October 13, 2010
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Its means you love someone no wait its even more than love because every second of your life you want them by your side on the good days and the bad one and no matter how hard it gets you stick together for the rest of your life
Her-I think im in love with you

Him- i dont need you
by Agirlwhohasbeenbrokenforever October 22, 2017
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1. A song written by Wilbur soot

2. Simp.
Person one: have you heard im in love with an egirl?

Person two: by Wilbur soot, the simp song? Yeah!
by L'Azalee February 22, 2021
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You love the person and care deeply for them, but that spark is just not there anymore, you don't have sexual urges towards them any longer, You don't want to end the relationship because you love them so much but you know it is not the way things should be. You should be happy with every aspect or the relationship, and they ask you for a reason as to why you want to end things and all you can say is you will never be happy, you can't help how you feel, You love that person s much but you are no "in love" with them
I love you but im not in love with you
by honeybunnyyyy October 3, 2010
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