1. A huge computer program, one that can bring a computer to its knees - even if Inventor is the only program on it. Inventor lets the user draw anything they want to and is the bane of magnet students everywhere.

2. One who invents.
1. I had finished my whole drawing and then Inventor FROZE!!11!!1

2. Hamburger earmuffs! I am the greatest inventor ever!
by 07 represent! December 1, 2004
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A synonym of invented and/or created.

Invention of the inventor.
I just inventored this word.
by dukenemesis October 25, 2007
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To add to an inventory list.
11:52:43 AM <Palio> I need to inventorize my games.
by Palio October 15, 2005
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a word used when no other word seems fit for the purpose, use it as you see fit
then it exploded and it was like, inventore
by Sean Connerey March 4, 2005
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While gaming (or if you hardcore adventure), it is when you explore for the purpose of gathering resources to fill your inventory.
Person 1: Why don't you go through that door?
Person 2: Hang on, I'm inventoring this room first.
by rravenclaw April 5, 2015
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Alex and Carolyn. Invented swimming. Also rox()r CS.
HOLY SHIZZAT!! We're swimming a breast relay against the inventors? Let's just give up now!!
by Anonymous March 1, 2003
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Character from Balamory, a chum of PC Plum. Archie lives in a Pink Castle, is quite fat and wears a kilt.
He is always fiddling with some great new invention, which requires him to ask PC Plum for some assistance.
Certainly not intended for the CBBC audience
Hello PC Plum, would you mind holding this knob for me
by dpme December 24, 2004
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