A polite way of saying "for f*cks sake"
Woman: "I can't help you right now, I am doing my make up"
Man: "Oh gould. I'll find some other way"
by AyStyle August 26, 2018
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An average looking teenager. Messy hair, lazy, well hung, looks stoned 24/7. Someone who doesn't appear special in any way, but gets invited into girls pants with the slightest smile, possibly due to some type of mind control or powerful chemical hormone.
This kid was a total GOULD, all he did was smile at some chick and she dragged him to the bedroom.
by FavaCock January 3, 2014
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A guy that thinks he can get any girl or any type of sex
Alex is a gould because he said he could get with any girl
by The Fresh Fish March 30, 2009
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One of the dining halls on the Northfield campus of NMH. Less awesome than Marquand, but better than West Hall.
"Why are you eating dinner in Gould?"
"There's Health Food at Marquand."
by Hogger April 9, 2005
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When a guest on a talk show goes cold, completely disagreeable and unfriendly to the host and everyone.
Wow, that guy on Carolla went totally "Gould" on the show last night.
by Roadie Overthegate March 1, 2013
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Fag, Rather sit upstairs in your room and beat off. One who jerks off every half hour or hour, depending on the amount of homework that needs to be done. Going pussyless for 21+ years.
Yo dogg, why you just ganna sit up in your crib all day and gould-it-up. Stop makin so many damn beats Mick Schultz.
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Sounds like "good"; should, would, could, gould, etc...
by shitcreek December 14, 2007
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