Erected in 1585 as a McDonalds play pen, West Hall has become known by scholars as the most shwaptastic place on Earth maybe even the Galaxy. Its residents are widely known as the coolest people ever and knew this before even moving in. Its urine and sperm stained walls have been home to inebriated and shwasted college folk for years and apparently has more pot heads and alcoholics per square foot then Hooters on free wing night. Erected out of an indestructible material, the building has withstood the wrath of Zues and possibly Godzilla(maybe). Kept on the down low for obvious reasons, West Hall is considered the only place to have fun. Upon entering its doors, a sense of euphoria and ecstasy rush to the brain.(scientific fact) Actually covered by Time magazine as the "illest most chillest" living environment ever. West Hall has also received the nobel peace prize for negotiating that hostage crisis in that bank that one time. Soon to be entered into the Guiness Book of World Records for most hook ups in a dorm ever, has decided that it may be to good for the U.S. and is considering leaving the union to create a country called "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner". If one ever finds themselves lucky enough to reside within its wall, consider yourself the bees knees.
Hey! Will I ever be as cool as a resident of West Hall?

sorry...but no
by soooripped April 15, 2009
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Now called Alumnae Hall (lame...), the big dining hall that serves the entire Mount Hermon campus of NMH. If you look slightly different from the Hermon norm, it's likely that a Hermonite or two will stare at you as you walk in. The journey from door to food is called the Walk, and is feared by many. The food in West is perhaps better than that of Gould or Marquand, but the atmosphere is sorely lacking.
"God damn it, I have to eat in West because of practice today."
by Hogger April 9, 2005
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school full of trannies and fat bitches. there is some funny people and some trashy ass hoes. if you need that za or a cig, or just some good ass entertainment, hit up west hall.
West hall high school
by Ann’Julie November 14, 2021
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