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Better dining hall on the Northfield campus of NMH. Also a dorm full of horrible girls, (Marquand Girls), who are mostly all vegan.
"Hey, it's Donut Day in Marquand!"
by Hogger April 09, 2005
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v. - Everyone gets Marquanded now & then. To Marquand someone is to fuck the Marquandee out of a job, position or girlfriend and replace him with an inferior hack, poseur, or dickless mung baby AKA the Marquand. The result causes many great harm and/or diarrheal cramps.

Origin: May or may not be referring to Richard Marquand who replaced Steven Spielberg as director of Return of the Jedi after the fucking unions Marquanded Steve. The resulting movie gave many diarrheal cramps.
I got Marquanded when I found out my ex had a 3-way with Paul Ruebens & Pauly Shore. The thought of this gave everyone I told severe diarrheal cramps.

That poor Jones family. They got Marquanded when the factory relocated to Mexico for cheaper wages. They had to eat canned beans for a week, which gave them many diarrheal cramps.
by Charlie Korsmo February 23, 2005
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