Neutral territory between ugly and attractive. These people are neither ugly or model material; however, there personalities tend to be their most greatest asset. To be average looking means to be imperfect.
Jennifer is average looking, but has a shining personality.
by Fruitloop544 December 28, 2016
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An Average Looking Mother Fucker is a drop shot originating in Edmonton Alberta that involves dropping a shot of raspberry vodka in the cheapest energy drink you can find. Often used to start a night after getting zombied the night before.
by JunkYardDog11 August 20, 2010
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When an average looking guy is reminded that he is average looking from
looking in the mirror, and girls' initial looks towards him. It carriers over into other parts of his life. "

Professor, I've been dealing with the affects of Average Looking Guy Syndrome (ALGS). Could i have an extension?
by Joebk2005 November 4, 2008
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