The verb “to gordon” entails an act which involves the utilisation of Gordonjectives to describe the behaviours in which the recipient of the Gordon should execute
Clarice got so Gordoned last Saturday, was so funny to watch.”
by Tayfyall March 17, 2020
intoxicated to the extent of wishing to consume a moth or ejaculate on the head of an acquaintance. To be so wasted you shit on a slide and then fall into it.
"hey man are you drinking tonight"
"yeah man im gona get completely gordoned!"
"are you sure we have exams this week"
"don't give a dump"
by MIRZ March 30, 2008
to be eaten by ants or cat; specifically kids with bad ADD get attacked
Matt was gordoned while waiting for the big A.
by Thomas December 15, 2003
Twitter term. A unit of measurement for tesla stock. One #Gordon (or #classicGordon) is $17.40, a #newGordon is $40. Named after the famous ana... *cough cough* fortune teller @GordonJohnson19 who had a $87 price target pre-split and has upped that to $40.
$TSLA stock down more than 4 #Gordon or #classicGordon - down almost 2 #newGordon
That’s a harsh drop.
by ToxicTeslaFanboy January 12, 2021
You are a phenomenon if you are a Gordon. Always elusive and seemingly crazy, they can be both the greatest person in you life or the one who makes you want to hide in a hole. They are either a person you hate or love.
I miss you, Gordon!
by pekingcat=^'.w'^= June 2, 2016
The insatiable urge for self-gratification.
Man! I just looked at that fine young ladies titties and now I have a mean case of Gordonitis.
by pluoticus February 23, 2012
A great friend. Always trying to make you laugh. Makes you sad when hes sad. makes you happy when youre happy. He's like a drug you cant get enough of. you will never forget him no matter how much you try. You miss him right after you saw him. He makes the girls go crazy. Easy to fall in love with. A best friend. Someone you dont want out of your life. Really cute and athletic. smart. funny. and a sweetheart.
Did you see that guy at the party?

Yes, he was such a gordon

by sunflowersalways February 20, 2010