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A great friend. Always trying to make you laugh. Makes you sad when hes sad. makes you happy when youre happy. He's like a drug you cant get enough of. you will never forget him no matter how much you try. You miss him right after you saw him. He makes the girls go crazy. Easy to fall in love with. A best friend. Someone you dont want out of your life. Really cute and athletic. smart. funny. and a sweetheart.
Did you see that guy at the party?

Yes, he was such a gordon

by sunflowersalways February 19, 2010
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A word normally related to human naming gives power over those of law thus over-riding and creating laws within its society. Having a child named 'Gordon" automatically gives authority to the named.
I shall resort to the Gordon to pass this law
Gordon is the law maker here!!
by lawmaker123 March 26, 2012
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You are a phenomenon if you are a Gordon. Always elusive and seemingly crazy, they can be both the greatest person in you life or the one who makes you want to hide in a hole. They are either a person you hate or love.
I miss you, Gordon!
by pekingcat=^'.w'^= June 02, 2016
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Commonly abbreviated as Gordy (aka Gmoney)

1. Your mom's wet dream
2. A poonslayer with a large genital region
3. Your dad's wet dream
4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's long lost cousin
5. A manipulator of words (and women); a punslayer
6. Employee of the month at Ching Lee's Dog Grooming Service
1/3. Friends' parents: We need to get some more tissues - Gordon's cumming over.

2. Poon 1: I was driving through Compton the other day and a wild Gordon jumped in the car and fingered my butthole.
Poon 2: mmm... keep talking

4. JGL: Yeah Gordy's a homie

5. Professor Pussytin: You aced the test Gordon.
Gordon: I (insert playing card here) the test.

6. Dog "GROOMING" Service
by bigbuttocks January 03, 2014
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The best thing that has ever happened to me, my favorite person in the world, and the one to receive all my love forever. I miss you so much and i love you <3
A: Gordon Ng, Ive waited 17 years for you, where were you all this time?? >:(

G: Sorry Angela~ you are so good at hiding, it took me a while to find you ><
by Chupachup December 23, 2012
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a traditional scottish name!! enough said there its scottish!! greatness is automaticaly assumed!! it is celtic for great (gor) hill (don or dun)!!
"aww man look its gordon" nothing else needs said!!
by tru-scot January 09, 2007
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A fun loving, outgoing person.

Likes to hang around with girls and likes playing sports with the guys. -- Ladies Man .
Paul: yo lets go shoot some hoops after school
Gordon: nahh gonnaa be with the ladies at the park.

Paul: aww. you trippin'
Gordon: jealous much ? :D
by gerdin May 21, 2010
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