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Comes from the ancient wild nature of Amiga and IBM.

WildRabbit is the best of all rabbits.

WildRabbit, is not referred as bunny, or hare for it pwnz them both.
We should all hail the great WildRabbit.
by Thomas June 24, 2004
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when someone won't quit bitching about something and they just wont shut up.
man, quit bishiziching
by Thomas February 18, 2005
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Not China. China seems to have a high degree of jealousy of Taiwan.
Taiwan is not China!
by Thomas November 26, 2003
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A new form of japanese anime combining hand-drawn art and computer animation.
Toto Senke, a new anime being shown on television in japan.
by Thomas April 11, 2005
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Used in most cases to describe somone who is very strong or just overall badass. You can also use "Mute" or "Muuuuute"
"Dude, Abel squatted 600 pounds today"
"Yeah, he's a mutant"

"Dude Mike Alstott is a freakin mutant!"

Moses = Mutant
by Thomas February 18, 2005
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a mic shizzle is when someone tries to do somethhing for you like sell you something and you really dont want it like a "shamrock" and at first you say naaw i really dont want one but they keep on so you snap and say damn man gett on outta here with that mic shizzle.
damn man i don't care get outta my face wit that mic shizzle
by Thomas March 1, 2005
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