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cute little fat boy;
a pet or nickname used affectionately
SEE: gordita
Nona calls Little Ricky "my gordito" because he loves ice cream so much.
by Joe Renato December 08, 2006
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The loose flabby fat that presents itself between the muscle/ribs and skin in the mid to lower region of the torso found primarily on Hispanic Males but can include White and African Americans (in certain cases even really cool Asians) that have honorarily been granted social access to the word much in the same manner white boys say “chones” (underwear) or “moco” (bugar/snot).
I took off my sweatshirt in front of Gloria and the shirt underneath started to come off too and all my gorditos were showing.
by Mexican Behind a Desk February 14, 2018
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A spanish slang for a fat person (fatty)

Gordo: spanish for fat

• personified using: ito (masculine), ita (feminine)
Mira a ese gordito
(look at the gordito)
by tontoo October 25, 2017
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spanish for chubby. You can get gorditos in many situations.
1)When playing sports
2)When hanging out with your girlfriend
3)When taking a test
1) Awe damn i went to kick the ball and it went above the goal. I totally got a gordito
2) When she leaned in to kiss me, i pushed her away. What was I thinking i totally had a gordito
3) I studied all night for the test, but then I got a gordito and forgot it all. There goes my 4.0
by justwhenyouthoughtitwassafe March 08, 2008
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