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Nona is definatly the best, most kind, amazing, and beautiful girl that you will ever meet! If you have her-i can't stress this enough-DONT MESS IT UP! It will be the WORST mistake of you entire life! She is amazing and beautiful and every guy would be lucky to have her. Her dark completed beauty does nothing to help you from falling madly in love! Also, although she may seem tiny and cute and innocent at first, she is really a little NINJA OF DEATH! If you get her mad she will hunt you down and kill you IN YOUR SLEEP! One thing to remember is that if hurt her she may say that she forgives you- and most of the time she honestly does- but when she says she's done with you she is DONE. She is an independent person but she still needs someone there for her when she's down. If she chooses you to be that person don't hurt her. She may be great at giving advice but that doesn't mean that she doesn't need it sometimes too. And although she may seem happy and perfectly fine almost all the time she'll always have something bringing her down but she'll never tell anyone because when she does they never seem to care. Treat her like a queen, like your treasure, because sooner or later you'll realize that's what she is.......
Have you met Nona?

No, lol didn't you guys date?
Yeah, but I messed up really bad and now idk what to do...
Well, I don't know her that well but I can tell she still cares about you.
by #wbw# November 08, 2016
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An name for an exotic girl, usually with dark hair. Very hot in a foreign way. These girls are known to party and are popular with everyone. Also said to be amazing in bed.
Guy 1- dude, have you seen the new foreign exchange student, Nona?

Guy 2- yeah man, that girl is hot.
by jake>> October 24, 2010
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A less common but cute girl name, sometimes confused by nerds with the name for a chain of nine hydrated carbon atoms 'nonane'.
"Nona, what are you doing tonight?", "Oh, Im going to play Guitar Hero at Joris' tonight"
by SolidS January 29, 2009
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1)Spanish/Itilian name for Gramma.
2)A female name
3)A short horror story by Stephen King
1) "My nona is from Venice"
2) "When is your friend Nona coming?"
"I don't know, bitch have no sense of time"
3) (what? Do you really expect me to get a paragraph of the story and post it here?)
by Gepardo October 02, 2006
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A very shy girl with a few friends. Loves athletes, and gamers.
Q:Have you seen that Nona?
A:Yes i have, she is in bed with a soccer player
by azninvasion20 July 30, 2018
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A girl who watches wrestling, creams over tough guys, and listens to rap metal. Usually a Nona is a girl all the bad guys want.
Her name is Nona, she's a rocker with a nose ring.
by FirstClassRejekt August 27, 2017
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