A word or phrase used to describe someone in a negative way or to talk to someone abusively.
Dickhead is an insult.
Ron is a fucking dickhead
This is an example of an insult
by Strxdwick February 28, 2018
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An insult is a word or phrase to make someone want to fuck their own lives
Best come back:"take a big step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE now idk what kinda pan Pacific bullshit power play your tryna pull here but asia jack is my territory so whatever ur thinking youd better think again otherwise I'm gonna have to head down there and I will rain a GODLY FUCKING FIRESTORM STORM UPON U your gonna have to call the fucking united nations and get a fucking binding resolution to keep me from fucking destroying you I am talking SCORCHED EARTH MOTHER FUCKER I WILL MASSACRE U I WILL FUCK YOU UP

Hopefully this helped u rethink the next time u say to me what's the homework insult is that
by how about u go FUCK YOURSELF November 5, 2019
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An insult is usually when someone says something rude or offensive to another person. Insults are usually used when someone is being annoying, but sometimes are used as jokes. Around 95% of people on the internet use insults, but only 1% of those use insults other than the following:
"Fuck you"
"I banged your mom last night" (This one is also said a lot in COD lobbies)
"Shut up"
Me: *types a comment on a youtube video*
Some kid: *replies back* "Shut up. I banged your mom last night"
Me: Nice insult, dickweed
by EpicCollision October 4, 2017
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A word or phrase used to mentally hurt someone.
by DaffyNimm April 17, 2018
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An Exqmple of an insult is: I know that u smell like hairy teddy bear tht has been shit on multiple times. But you dont gotta keep going upstairs into the bucket and pissing in my fucking bcket. I'm just saying when you have diareah donr shit in my fcking bed! It's annoying as fuck and my room just smells like cheese and shit. I know that you want to shit in the bucket all the time, but you dont gotta be a ketchup man every time you Expres it and you make me want to take a maslsive shit on somone's face rn even if its Hallowen and it smells. But the point is that you smell like a bee cumd all over the floor upside dwn. I alredy ate the cigarette and it tasted like if blaugh went on the ceiling fan and took a masive shit , and u turned on the fan it would spray all over your cheks, you gotta stop taking a shit on my pilow! It gets fukcing annoying when I'm just laying in sht. Plus the VIP member took my cheese and shoved it up his ass! But then I had to rip it out of his ass and eat it. It kinda tasted better. I'm getting off topic. The point is, STOP SHIVING MY CHESE IN YOUR MOUTH AND UP YOUR ASS! I would greatly appreciate if u shat in ur own bed and not on my ceiling fan locatd on the wal. But I started out with a bok, and now theres a big pile of shit! Okay but i saw your history, and uh, I saw pregnant dwarf pron. I'm just asking what the fuckimg ow wrong with u rn? I'm just concerned tht if you keep up with this you will be going upstairs a shit inside my pumpkin again:(
Person 1: i insult u now. die u poopy
person 2 no
by balogna mans March 16, 2022
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A way to make pretty much everyone really dislike you .
Makes you look like a d-bag.
Others listening may find it funny however and therefore you must do it in large public areas such as at school or in a meeting so when you lose a friend, you gain 3 more. Contradicting myself, using insults may be a great way to gain friends and people who respect you as the Supreme Leader.
Insult: "If I wanted to kill myself, I would climb to the number of your chromosomes and then jump to your IQ."
*a small loan of 1 million friends gained!!!
*success at the cost of 1 old, useless, unwanted, unneeded nun-of-a-friend.
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Unkind words used to offend someone.
Guy 1: How did it feel when you found out you were ugly huh?

Guy 2: Shut up mate your face looks like my mum's clunge!

you see, that was an insult
by randomweeb30 June 12, 2020
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