It's spanish for "Fat"
Necesito Amar De Un Ruso Gordo
by Anonymous August 3, 2003
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1. The Spanish word for "fat".

2. A common enemy in the Kirby series of games published by Nintendo. They appear small, round and spikey with two eyes in the middle. They are notable for being immune to all forms of damage, forcing the player to simply avoid them.
1. Bob: Man, that guy across the street is such a gordo, damn.
Bill: You're pretty gordo yourself, bro.

2. Jeff: So I was playing Kirby Super Star the other day, and I couldn't get past this line of Gordos!
Phil: You fucking suck.
by Jimmy5327 November 7, 2010
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Gordo is the best friend you want to have. He's fluffy, fun & will always make u feel better.

He will tell u the Truth no matter how brutal it may be. He will never judge u or give u an ultimatum, he will be your friend NO MATTER what!

When u call him 4 help help, he will do whatever he can 2 help u out. A Gordo is a true friend 4 life.
I love Gordo, he's my best friend!
by C.M.B IN AZ February 19, 2015
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Someone of a higher intelligence. Superior in nature. As early as the 1400's this name was given to men with extrordinary wisdom, charm and physical appeal.
King Gordo was the greatest man that ever lived
by Dr Weisburg February 5, 2010
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Some who has consumed mass amounts of alcohol, or drugs, or a combination of the two and is so drunk/high that he/she can't function any more.
Scott: Man you guys see parker last night
Marc: Ya, he was throwing up everywhere
Nicholas: Ya he was gordo
by Rammstein00001 January 23, 2009
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A popular English dance which involves brushing one's shoulders and waving one's hands in front of oneself in a rotary manner.
Barry and Mair are dancing the gordo.

I love dancing the gordo and would definitely agree with the statement that the gordo is the best dance ever to be danced.
by JuPitEer December 1, 2009
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