A discovery that occurs when misspelling "google.com".
Googles from the planet Goo shall soon invade our membranes and those of the unborn
Goo-Roo is one of my favorite Googles, he wears a mystical hat.
by rachelness May 29, 2007
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Google is a very useful search engine, also an evil empire
As a verb it is to "Google" something if you don't know where or what you are looking for is.
Jimmy: I need to find out about the west african bull frog.
Bryan: Use google

Jimmy: How do you spell Chihuahua?
Bryan: I dunno, Google it.
by Burkus November 15, 2008
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Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google.
Yo you want me to google that?
by Ghost of KT November 21, 2016
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An online search engine that insists on appearing smarter than you are.

The only time Google actually tries to help you is when you search "Ways to commit suicide".
Google Search: microsoft

Did you mean: Microsoft


Google Search: "Ways to commit suicide". Need Help?
by merrymuppets October 21, 2012
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