The first of a long series of search engine/internet database names that have become verbs. No one in the past told anyone else to go "encyclopedia" something, yet the google phenomenon has been applied to Facebook, Wikipedia, and various other databases. Someday, every means of finding out information will have its own verb, derived from the search engine or database used to look it up (except for Yahoo, that would just sound ridiculous).

Also makes one wonder what would happen if there were a major search engine called "Buttfuck." ("Buttfuck it."/"Buttfuck him."/"Buttfuck Tom Cruise"./"I Buttfucked you yesterday and a picture of a naked clown blowing a horse came up.")
Gertrude: "What's concurrent majoritarianism?"
Bill: "Don't ask me, bitch, fucking google it."

Other forms:

"That douchebag Greg Facebooked me yesterday."

Phil: "Who was that fucking guy from the 2nd Batman movie?"
Ralph: "IMDB that shit."

Thom: "What exactly IS a rusty trombone anyway?"
Johnny: "Fuck if I know, Urban Dictionary it."
by Manthan April 26, 2008
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Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google.
Yo you want me to google that?
by Ghost of KT November 21, 2016
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If youre a kid and youre too young to get a credit card just use google to search for free porn.
by DIE EMO FAGGOT!!! January 23, 2007
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