When one uses Google to ogle at porn or NSFW material without going incognito. Can be used as a verb: "Just Go-ogle at GoT porn!" or as a noun: "Shit, I forgot to delete my Go-ogle history!!"
Andy: Dude, did you Go-ogle porn in my laptop?!
Sam: No, why?

Andy: Well, for one, it's all over my Go-ogle history!
Sam: Aw man! I'll keep it in mind!
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by abwolverine July 25, 2017
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the purest thing next to microsoft and sony

google, the expert of interneting and purest in heart to do what we ask
google killed earth
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by S0NTR0 December 13, 2019
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Instead of saying "haha" or "lmao," you say Google.
It's when something is funny.
Sam: I just shat my pants.
Margaux: GOOGLE
by samthegoogler January 13, 2019
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Google is the biggest spy organization in the world.
1. Last night I saw many people having sex through house windows while I was using Google earth.

2. Google monitors or caches everything it can find on the internet. More recently it has ventured 'out-of-the-matrix' into the real world to collect data using advanced satellites and caches that data.
by BBangas March 10, 2009
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A unstoppable empire of evil disguised as a popular internet search engine. Google has been effectivly taking over the internet superpowers that could help stop it's evil advance to global domination.
Dude 1: "did you hear Google just bought youtube?"

Dude 2: yeah, it's like Google's trying to take over the internet, one website at a time.
by Joes momma December 06, 2008
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definition 1: God's gift for people whom can't spell shit.
definition 2: The answer to all of our problems
Alex: How do you spell ______?
Me: ....I have no fucking clue.?
Alex: Google time!
Me: YAY! So glad we have Google!!!
*both feel lame now*
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