Obvious complications, problems, troubles, or difficulty for a person, place or thing
Lindsay Lohan had constant struggles with her teeth until she hit up the dentist.

Champs struggles so tough if they don't get the new retro 4's.
by D Baah February 27, 2009
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Where a person or object is not capable of fulfilling a designated role or task.
"That new guys is hopless, struggles very hard!!"

"I played 18 with this new club...it struggles!!...may as well throw it away
by Space Pope February 9, 2004
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a state in which one is too drunk to function, but is attempting to so something, probably productive. Also, a general feeling of being unable to do anything. Expressed as a hypothetical place.
by Ezra R. December 5, 2007
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Someone who has a lot of issues or problems. Often these issues interfere with the person's ability to behave normally.
Jennie: Jordan's girlfriend is so mean to him, he should dump her.
Sarah: What's wrong with her?
Jennie: Her family is messed up and she has no friends.
Sarah: Oh, that's sad.
Jennie: Yeah, she's got struggles.
by Steph G August 1, 2007
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Man, that struggles.
by Rye Rye September 18, 2003
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The process of man asking shelby to go to prom with him

see: strugglin, struggs
After man decided to ask shelby to prom, I told him that was in the stuggles.
by DJ Struggs April 13, 2005
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