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to throw a girl to the ground and tickle her until she pees (or pukes)

This was practiced by fraternities in northeastern colleges during the 1940’s prior to the advent of the panty raid.
“Brother Harold, you are to google Muffy Berenson until sufficiently soiled.”
by goose_on_a_roof March 29, 2022
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N. A company hell bent on world domination. With features ranging from telling you the answer to life, universe, and everything to showing you an aerial photo of Area-51, there is no question whether or not their goal is world domination.
JOE: better Google taking over the world than Microsoft.
BOB: you got a point there. Now let's go order some prostitutes

Personally, I wouldn't terribly mind Google taking over the world-the only regret I would have is that they beat me to world domination.
by Satanist Cows go meow April 15, 2009
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google is an app that is used by millions of people. it tends to give you answers your looking for, and it gives you trash you didn't want. google is good and bad. do (not) use.
hey, google is acting up again. its giving me the answer of "55" when i aksed to do 5x10-

thats kinda confusing..
by obsessd with your parents. September 24, 2021
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"Hey dude how do you spell marijuana?"
"I'm not sure. Lemme Google it!"
by Jonathan Farrow August 12, 2006
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1 v. To search for a term or terms using the Google search engine.
2 n. A highly-used search engine that is considered the most effective on the internet by many
3 n. The number 1, followed by 100 zeros.
I googled for a serial to Windows XP, but I found a German porn site instead.

Google owns Yahoo's ass.

I have been to that fucking site a google times.
by BTTF Man January 24, 2004
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it knows who you are
it knows where you live
it knows were you work
it even knows who your mum is

they might aswell change its name to skynet
google an essential tool for stalkers
by dfniton101 July 3, 2010
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