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The amount of half-and-half necessary to turn a cup of black coffee into a wonderfully rich walnut color. Akin to a dollop.
Peter: I'm going to Starbucks, Scott. Do you want me to get you anything?

Scott: Thanks, Peter. I'd love a grande coffee.

Peter: Anything in it?

Scott: A glurg of half-and-half, please.
by Tyrone Moustache August 09, 2012
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Someone who is after doing or saying something stupid, annoying or weird, or someone who is actually effectively stupid, annoying or weird themselves, to those people the moniker can be permanently given. The word is usually elongated.
Darren: Is Harry going down to play soccer?

Sean: No he has to clean his room.

Darren: What a fucking gluuuhhhhrg. (elongated Glurg)
by beashto101 April 21, 2011
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Oops sorry -- Glurg is an real word. It actually has an umlaut over the 'u'. It is a holiday beverage served in the cold northern wastes of Scandinavia comprised of alcohol and fruits that have fermented in a crockery jug for weeks and weeks. Mildly sweet it is a hedge against the doldrums and bacterial infections passed on via kissing beneath the misseltoe or bundling blankets!
Will ye have a cup of glurg to ward off the cold?
by Bette June 24, 2006
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a goop-like product which computerly challenged people feed from.
Need glurg nnnnnnnoooooooooowwwwwwwwwww.
by CJ ING October 16, 2004
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