4 definitions by George T SLC

Members of college fraternities and/or sororities. So called because they usually use two or three Greek letters as their designation, sometimes representing some ideal or other "secret" information.
The Greeks at this school give good parties.
by George T SLC October 24, 2008
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For more definitions/descriptions, see gym.
See example with previous definition, where gymnasium is clipped to gym.
by George T SLC January 19, 2006
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See also www.wordspy.com/words/glurge.asp , just above "Earliest Citation" for another element: Tales that "undermine their messages by fabricating and distorting historical fact."
That "Letter from Iraq" turns out to be partly right-wing glurge.
by George T SLC May 10, 2005
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Noun: 1. The variety of fuel described in definition 4 above (from Hammond B-3, Oct 30, 2003, in case the numbers have changed). 2. A vehicle, including a railroad train, that runs on diesel (fuel). Adj.: Being or running on diesel (fuel).
The diesel runs on diesel--diesel fuel, you dig? (Not that you'd likely SAY that, but it does illustrate the meanings.)
by George T SLC September 12, 2005
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