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Essentially, bluffing.
He ain't got the balls to go through with it; he's just frontin.
by The J-Spot January 10, 2005

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Anything overly sappy, corny, or kitchy used to incite an emotional reaction. It is usually fictional, absurd and over-exaggerated and therefore fails at its intended task.

Often used to describe chain e-mails.
"That story about the boy with no eyes or ears or skin who got run over by a steamroller the day before he was supposed to get the puppy that his baseball team had saved up to buy him for his ninth birthday is total bullshit. It's just glurge."
by The J-Spot January 16, 2005

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A massage of the body.
Kid #1: "Oh man, check out that thing, man."
Kid #2: "Whaddaya wanna do with it?"
Kid #1: "Let's launch over it!"
(A Jeep pulls up)
G.I. Joe: "Who wants a body massage?" *hums to himself*
Kid #2: "Uh, what did he just say to us?"
G.I. Joe: "Oooh... Mr. Body Massage Machine GO!"
Kid #2: "Uhhhhhh... what the Hell?"
G.I. Joe: "Body massage."
by The J-Spot January 17, 2005

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Exclamation of which many forms exist (i.e. you fail, you fail it, you suck at life), used after the subject has failed at performing an easy, simple or mundane task.

If said straightfaced and/or casually, the effect can be greater than that of other, milder insults. However, its use and effectiveness depend heavily upon timing.

Conversely, "I fail at life" can be used to acknowlege one's own failiure.
(Person A proceeds to open their front door, but in doing so slips and falls, causing them to wipe out on their front steps.)
Person B: "Wow. You fail at life."
by The J-Spot January 16, 2005

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1. A procedure or operation performed by someone with inadequate skill or knowlege of the subject.

2. Something done shoddily or ineptly.

3. A crude and improvised or temporary solution to a problem, designed to be more functional and timely than precise, durable or of good quality.

4. Something done with little forethought, organization, planning or precision.

5. A useless, inept or sloppy person.
1. "I had no fucking idea what I was doing; it was a total hack job."

2. "I told my brother to clean the bathroom, but it still looks like hell. Man, he did such a hack job."

3. "I got the radiator working for now, but it won't last long; it's just a hack job."

4. "Your paper sucks, man, you can tell it's just a hack job."

5. "Joel's such a fucking hack job; he couldn't even get his shit together in time for the party."
by The J-Spot January 14, 2005

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The effect achieved when a large group of ignorant and insecure pubescent boys attempt to cover up their smell with excessive quantities of Axe while at the same time forgetting to bathe regularly. The resulting smell is a combination of that of severe B.O. and that of a severe chemical spill.

The Axe Effect is especially prevalent in tenth grade hallways.
Person A: "Damn! What the fuck is that smell?!"
Person B: "Oh shit man, that's The Axe Effect!"
Person A: "Let's get the fuck out of this grade 10 hallway!"
by The J-Spot January 11, 2005

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Exclamation used to show disapproval or to emphasize failiure, used after the subject has just said or done something incredibly stupid.

Derived from the concept of being "cut" from a team, play, band, class, etc. The implication is that the subject has not demonstrated a satisfactory level of competence. In this way, "you're cut" is similar to "you fail at life" and similar exclamations.

The group from which the subject is "cut" is intentionally left open for interpretation.

(NB: "You're cut" is often accompanied by the "scissors" hand gesture.)
Person A: "Hey guys! I just told Derek about the party next friday."
Person B: "Fuck!"
Person C: "Aw shit."
Person D: "Way to go, Person A. That was supposed to be Derek's suprise party, remember?"
Person A: "Oops."
Person D: "You're cut. You're just cut. You're so cut."
by The J-Spot January 16, 2005

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